Career And Development

Performance Management

We include all employees in our Performance Management System to encourage performance-based thinking, to evaluate their participation and contribution to the company in a fair and objective manner, to support their professional development and to reward the high performers. 

Our Performance Management System is based on KPIs and competencies. Our employees determine their KPIs and competencies at the beginning of the year together with their managers, conduct performance interim reviews after six months and then evaluate their performance at the end of the year. During the year-end performance evaluation, they get feedbacks and coaching from their managers to improve their performance further and prepare development plans together.

In addition, via performance-based salary adjustments, we reward high performance.

Talent Management

During our Talent Management System, our aim is to support development of our employees and form career paths to realize their potentials.

In the scope of our Talent Management System, we get together with our managers in order to determine strengths and development areas of our employees and prepare development plans. During this process, we also prepare succession plans for key positions. We present career and development plans of our employees with pre-determined level and evaluate plans together with Top Management.


We plan our trainings based on our quality target, values, strategies and individual needs of our employees.

In this regard, we provide different training opportunities like personal development trainings, technical trainings, on-the-job trainings, language trainings and certification programs.

In addition, we aim to contribute to the development of all our employees within our growing organization across Turkey with our e-learning platform that they can take advantage of regardless of time and location.